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Kon Koans

Firstly, I'm thinking of extending this thing through July, because there haven't been very many fills for all the lovely lovely prompts we got. Hopefully giving a bit more time will get some more results. What do you folks think? Also, I encourage you to join the comm if you haven't already, as some posts may be member-locked, and I will also open up posting to all members so if anyone has any fun ideas, go ahead and post them! After the end of the official fest the comm will continue to exist that way for all Kon-related items.

Next, scans!

What are some of your favorite canon Kon moments, especially the ones that best serve to illustrate his essential Kon nature? The little things in amongst the plots and relationships that really show who he is?


A certain clone has just escaped from his tube and tied up the scientist guarding him, as you do. With a steel pipe, as you do if you have superstrength. In a pretty little bow, as you do if you are Kon. It's a nice little touch in one of his first panels that shows what they were going for when they introduced him.

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